3 thoughts on “new website

  1. Andrew C. says:

    Love the new site — thanks Art!

  2. Art Levine says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Ear-training and musicianship galore! Have a look at all the new documents, in the following sections: lots of early music, esp 16th-century polyphony, including a ton of facsimiles, also lots of stuff by Bach, including some very useful open score editions, plus a new section on atonal music (based more or less on Lars Edlund) and how to use solfa (solmization) to sing this very challenging repertoire by composers such as Schoenberg, Berg, Webern, Bartok, Stravinsky.
    Have fun,
    Art L.

  3. Raya Bidaye says:

    Art, how are you doing? Do you teach Voice Culture?

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