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Ear Training & Musicianship, Rhythm, Counterpoint, Voice-Leading, Harmony, Jazz & Oldies, Ukelele, Brazilian music, 15th & 16th Century Music, J.S. Bach, JS Bach, Baroque Music, Atonal Melodies, India music, Indonesia music, Solfa Interview on CBC In Performance, Billon, Brumel, Byrd, Clemens, Facsimiles, Crecquillon, Gombert, Guerrero, Handl, Hassler, Iachet of Mantua, Isaac, Jachet van Berchem, Josquin, La Rue, Lassus, Lheritier, Manchicourt, Monte, Morales, Mouton, Obrecht, Ockeghem, Palestrina, Phinot, Porta, Senfl, Silva, Victoria, Willaert

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Thanks for your interest in my website; I hope you’ve found some useful and engaging items here, and maybe even a few decent ideas. Future plans include more editions and, if I’m lucky, one or two more ideas as well.

Below is a list of items on this site which I thought people might be willing to throw a few dollars at.

Ear-training and solfa
Solfa Exercises for Fluency and Flexibility. Ear-training drills
CDN $10.00

Rhythmic training
Rhythm exercises and how to use them
CDN $5.00

Counterpoint, voice-leading, harmony
A guide to species counterpoint
Anthology for analysis and sight-singing. 646 pages
CDN $15.00

Bridge to Basic Harmony and Music for Analysis
583 pages
CDN $15.00

JS Bach
Aria excerpts based on Bach Peldatar. 274 aria excerpts
CDN $10.00

Art of Fugue based on open score
CDN $10.00

CDN $10.00

Schemelli Liederbuch Songbook
CDN $10.00

WTC I fugues in open score
CDN $10.00

WTC II fugues in open score
CDN $10.00


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