This Is Art On CBC Radio

Sometime in 1991 or so, a CBC producer friend of mine, Ann MacKeigan and I dreamed up the idea for what became “This is Art”.

I think it all started when I surprised her by singing a blues scale, with solfa syllables, over one those Jamey Aebersold “Jazz minus one” CD’s. I was probably trying to make a point about the similarities between Indian music and blues. I still remember her doing a triple take and saying “Gee, could you do that on the radio?” Well, the answer turned out to be yes, more or less.

My CBC stint also bounced me around to working with some other good producers, namely Paolo Pietropaolo and Saroja Coelho, and included a co-host run on This Morning with Shelley Solmes, who was the best thing since sliced bread. So, all in all, tons of fun, and an experience I will always remember. Plus I love their library; I think libraries are secretly the main thing in my life. Then I left CBC for York U, another library, plus it was a gd jb & mr $.

I’ve included a couple of seasons’ worth of playlists here, to match the shows that ran at various times. I’m looking into the possibility of putting some of the audio up as well, but it’s a bit of a zoo, not least because my documentation includes forty or so cassettes (how many people remember cassettes?) which would have to be transferred. Ugh. Maybe at some point, a bit at a time. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in more detail about those shows, say if you’re planning a subversive show of your own, but one where the subversion entails a broad familiarity with music in general, then just email me.


2 thoughts on “This Is Art On CBC Radio

  1. s says:

    So loved your CBC show. I do not “havE” music, but still, I learned so much from you.

    Are you talking/teaching anywhere we can tune in online? Look! You don’t need CBC anymore. YouTube what not.

  2. Tim Thornton says:

    I listened to CBC Radio One Toronto almost daily for several years in the early to mid 1990s, until they dropped the AM signal, and the FM would not penetrate to Northwestern Pennsylvania. I Especially liked This Is Art!! If I recall, you were a summer only series (?) I was also a big fan of Vicki Gabereau, and Jeff Pavier’s (spelling?) Prime Time.

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